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Chapter 1: Real Numbers

All of chapter 1 notes

1.1 Pythagorean Theorem
1.2 A Rational Numbers
1.2 B Decimals and fractions
1.2 C Rational Numbers on the N.L.
1.3 Irrational numbers
1.5 Intervals
1.6 A Power of a real number
1.6 B Multiplying-Dividing powers
1.6 C Power of a Power
1.6 D Power of a Product-Quotient
1.7 Negative Exponents
1.8 Scientific Notation handout
1.8 Scientific Notation Notes
1.9 Rational Exponents

Chapter 2: Algebraic Expressions

All of chapter 2 notes

2.0 Algebraic Expressions
2.1 Monomials
2.2 Monomial Operations
2.2 Monomial Operations Handout
2.3 Polynomials
2.4 -A- Sum/Difference of Polynomials
2.4 -B- Product of Polynomials
2.4 -D- Dividing Polynomials
2.4 -E- Introduction to Factoring
2.4 -E- Factoring by removing the Common Factor

Chapter 3: Equations & Inequalities

All of chapter 3 notes

3.1 Equations
3.2 -A- Properties of Inequalities
3.2 -B- Inequalities with an unknown
3.2 -C- Inequalities in a given domain

Chapter 4: Relations and Functions

All of chapter 4 notes

4.1 Relations vs. Functions
4.2-A- Modes of representation of a function
4.2-B- Modes of representation of a function
4.3-A- Rate of Change
4.3-B- Constant Rate of Change
4.4-A- Polynomial functions and Constant functions
4.4-B- Linear Functions: Direct and Partial
4.5 Rules of a Linear Function
4.6 Systems of Linear Equations
4.7 Parameters on Geogebra
4.8 Rational Function
4.9 Inverse of a Function

Chapter 5: Solids

All of chapter 5 notes

5.1 Views of a Solid
5.2 Perspectives of a Solid
5.3 Prisms Pyramids and Cylinders
5.4 and 5.5 Cones and Spheres

Chapter 6: Area and Volume of Solids

All of chapter 6 notes

6.1 Metric System Conversion chart
6.1-A- Area of Prisms and Cylinders
6.1-B- Area of Pyramids
6.1-C- Area of Cones
6.1-D- Area of Spheres
6.2 Area of Decomposable Solids
6.3 Volumes of Solids
6.3-B- Volume of a Prism
6.3-C- Volume of Cylinders
6.3-D- Volume of Pyramids and Cones
6.3-E- Volume of a Sphere
6.4 Volume of Decomposable Solids
6.5 Missing measures of a solid

Chapter 7: Isometry and Similitude

All of chapter 7 notes

7.1 -A- Isometric figures vs. Similar figures
7.1 -B- Ratios of Perimeters and Areas
7.1 -C- Application of similar triangles
7.2 Similar solids and ratios

Chapter 8: Probability

All of chapter 8 notes

8.1 Basic counting principle
8.2-A- Permutations
8.2-B- Combinations
8.2-C- Permutations and Combinations
8.3-A- Probability of events
8.3-B- Geometric Probability
8.3-C- Operations between Events

Chapter 9: Statistics

All of chapter 9 notes

9.1 Statistical Surveys- Intro and review
9.2 Statistical Tables and Diagrams
9.3 Sampling Techniques
9.5 Measures of Central Tendency
9.6 Measures of Position- Quartiles
9.7 Measures of Dispersion
9.8 Box and Whisker plots

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