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Chapter 1: Real numbers

WS 1.1 Pythagorean Theorem
WS 1.5 Interval Notation
WS 1.6 Exponents Worksheet
WS 1.7 Mixed Exponents Review
Chapter 1 Practice Test

Extra practice

Fire in Pythagoreville + Practice
Similar Right Triangles: Pythagorean Triples
Exponents and Intervals Worksheet
Practice on Power of a Quotient
Chapter 1 Another Pre-Test Review

Chapter 2: Algebraic Expressions

WS 2.4-A- Adding/Subtracting Polynomials
WS 2.4-B- Multiplying Polynomials
Algebraic Expressions Review
Extra Practice on Polynomial Operations
Chapter 2 Practice Test

Extra practice

2.2 Monomial Operations handout
Worksheet: Multiplying a Monomial by a Polynomial
Worksheet: Multiplying a Monomial by a Polynomial and more
Worksheet: Multiplying Binomials
Factoring handout/worksheet

Chapter 3: Equations & Inequalities

WS 3.2-A- Solving inequalities
WS 3.2-B- Solving inequalities with one unknown
WS 3.2-C- Solving in a domain
Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 3 Practice Test

Extra practice

Worksheet: Equations and Inequalities Test review
Worksheet on Solving Inequalities in a given Domain - with solution
Algebra Assignment

Chapter 4: Relations & Functions

WS Linear Relations
chapter 4 pre-test Rules of linear functions
chapter 4 Practice test with SOL

Extra practice

Linear Relations support sheet
Interpret Lines
Linear Relations practice

Chapter 5: Solids

Chapter 5 Practice

Extra practice

Chapter 6: Area & Volume of Solids

WS 6.1-A-Areas of Prisms and Cylinders
WS 6.1-B-Areas of Pyramids
WS 6.2 Areas of Decomposable solids.pdf
WS 6.3-C- Volume of Cylinders
6.5 Finding missing measures

Extra practice

Surface area of prisms and pyramids
Surface area of cylinders
Volumes of prisms
Volumes of prisms applications
Volumes of cylinders
WS 6.2 Decomposable area and conversion
6.5 What is X?
C1 practice: The Water Reservoir

Chapter 7: Isometry & Similitude

Extra practice

Apply similar triangles

Chapter 8: Probability

WS 8.2 Extra Practice (Permutation and Combinations)
WS 8.3 Geometric Probability
WS Chapter 8 Probability Review"

Extra practice

Chapter 9: Statistics

Chapter 9 pre-test Practice

Extra practice

Stats Assignment